With Wedding Cake Toppers, Your Nuptials Will Be More Personalized

By Alison Tomi

Wedding cake toppers have been at the top of our bridal cakes for many years and these days you rarely see a wedding without these figurines topping the pastry. So many styles exist when it comes to the wedding cake topper that finding one is easy, no matter what exotic or strange tastes your bride and groom have. Looking online will unveil thousands of choices.

Of course, you'll want your topper to fit whatever theme that your wedding is, but this is not difficult. Decide on what kind of theme that you are going for and choose the location before you decide on the cake design. Once you know where the wedding is going to be held and what the theme is, you'll have a much easier time choosing a wedding cake topper that is perfect for the wedding.

A popular theme for those who are getting married in the spring or summer is the beach wedding. The beach wedding theme is extremely easy to find toppers for, as the beach wedding cake toppers can be anything from a bikini clad bride and groom to a beach ball or anything at all from the beach scene. This can be great fun with a themed cake.

A theme that's as close to home from the beach wedding as you can get is the marine wedding cake toppers. These can include dolphins or whales or other types of marine life. You can also find these handcrafted from glass or crystal or other types of materials and anyone that loves the ocean is sure to find this theme perfect.

If you are looking for something romantic you may want to consider a heart wedding cake toppers. You can put the couple's names in the heart or even create a romantic Cinderella theme with a marriage cake toppers from the Cinderella Story. You can use the characters to represent the bride and groom and create a Cinderella ball scene on the cake.

You could also choose collectible wedding cake toppers such as antique or vintage ones from a different era. For instance a fifties themed wedding will be perfect for toppers from that era and since they are vintage they are collectible pieces that the couple can display and collect upon. You can find vintage cake tops online or in some antique stores.

You could also go with a cowboy theme or western wedding cake toppers. This is just one of many themes that you can choose from for your wedding, or the wedding that you are planning. Horses, rodeo or other figurines in this theme can be made of crystal or glass or hand painted with the bride and groom likenesses.

You can also have a custom marriage cake toppers. This type of topper can come in any design or material that you choose and for a lot less than you might think. It won't be that much more than a bridal cake topper from a specialty bakery and you might be surprised how much a difference a custom topper will make. - 31404

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Weekend Fun: An Indoor Sculpture Garden with Precious Moments Figurines

By Craig Shinney

Most people marvel at the wonder of outdoor sculpture gardens, but Precious Moments collectibles and birthday figurines obviously aren't suited for the elements. Creating an indoor sculpture garden, rather, can prove a useful pastime that the extended family can enjoy. The positive side effects: learning the value of and fostering appreciation for each piece individually.

Not everyone intrinsically understands the basic principles that make collectible figurines so valuable. By highlighting the details in craftsmanship and artistry of each item, an indoor sculpture garden can not only transform a home but also transform the thoughts of a house guest viewing the collection.

If you or your children already have a collection of birthday figurines, for example, you understand the importance of savoring life's precious moments. In order to retain the value of the objects chosen to represent these occasions, kids can easily be involved in the process of creating an indoor sculpture garden with the intention of capturing sentiment and exploring the resale value of collectible items.

Before getting lost in the art of designing your indoor sculpture garden, make sure to set aside the original packaging for each collectible with notes indicating the details surrounding each purchase (i.e. where and when it was bought). Including a child or young friend in this step of the process will also provide a hands-on lesson in maintaining sentimental and retail values of collectibles, many of which will later be passed on to younger generations.

But, like memories, most collectors want to fully display their items rather than keeping them hidden behind the walls of a packaging. With packages safely stored, design ideas can begin to flow freely. Having a good plan before starting to place figurines on shelves will help streamline the process and create a more theme-oriented display. Consider grouping collectibles by similarities like color or size to create an aesthetically-pleasing indoor sculpture garden.

To some, the thought of not only removing collectibles such as Precious Moments from their packaging and displaying them outwardly might be worrisome. A locked curio cabinet may be the best option in this case. With an indoor sculpture garden protected by glass doors, it can actually be easier to control lighting and pieces are generally easier to reach for dusting and rearranging.

Like all gardens, the passing of time warrants change. If you need to dissemble your sculpture garden, use boxes inside plastic bins and store items in a dry place. This way, all of life's precious moments will last somewhere other than your memory, even for the next generation of gardeners. - 31404

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Give Them the Perfect Gift- A Precious Moments Birthday Figurine

By Craig Shinney

When you search for Precious Moments figurines, you are able to find them in a variety of different stores online, and in stores locally. Find an assortment of poses, and sayings at affordable prices for your wallet, and make sure the person gets a wonderful birthday gift.

For any one year old, you may want to get them something they can keep as they grow, this can be easy when you choose a Precious Moments figurine. They come in both boys, and girls showing a toddler in a high chair. They will be sure to keep it for a lifetime and more.

Little girls are sure to love the princess figurine. You are able to purchase other birthday figurines for the little girl on your list as well. They are able to show it off to their friends and family. This can be sure to be a collector's item they will keep.

For both boys and girls you are able to get universal Precious Moments birthday figurines. You are able to choose the age you would like to place on the figurine of your choice. This allows you to choose the perfect figure for the perfect someone you are purchasing it for.

Little boys do not need to be left out, you are able to get them birthday figurines as well. They can be purchased in sports or train themes to match the likes of the little boy on your list. There are gift sets to match their interests as well, these are also available for little girls, and you can get the most out of your money.

For the animal lovers on your list, you can choose from different animals and place the age they are turning on the figurine. They will be sure to remember their birthday with one of these collector figurines for years to come.

If you need to buy a gift for an adult, you are able to choose from different poses, and sayings for the older person. This allows you to choose a figurine for everyone on your birthday list that will be sure to love, and be able to keep for a lifetime and more.

Even though it seems like you can only purchase birthday figurines for the people in your life, Precious Moments also offers figurines for other occasions and just because Moments. Choose from various sayings, feel better wishes, or inspirational meanings. You can be sure to find what you are looking for with these figurines. - 31404

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Custom Made Hardware Makes Your Home Personal

By James Spellman

Having custom made hardware in your home can show off your personality and sense of style at a glance. When people walk up to your front door one of the first things they may notice is the door knob or knocker. The type of metal it is made from as well as the style can say a lot about you. You want to let them know what kind of home they may be coming into. Is it modern, all sleek looking with straight lines, or is it warm and inviting with antique details and designs. You choose the look that will carry through in the rest of your house.

Some of the hardware in a home are door knobs, levers, and door pulls. These can be made of bronze, red and yellow brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. Each type of metal can give you a different look in whatever style you choose.

In the kitchen and bathrooms you have lots of cabinets and drawers. These all need door knobs or pulls and hinges. These all show in a more obvious manner. They can help the rooms to feel cool and functional or warm and inviting, depending on the style you choose.

After you get inside the house you have the kitchen and bathroom drawer knobs and pulls, the hinges on the cabinet doors, and the door knobs or pulls. You may have a lot of cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and each of them will need its own opener and set of hinges. Most people want them all to match but some people are more eclectic and may use many styles and mix them up. This can make a statement about their personality.

Other types of hardware for a home are door bell plates and buttons, door grilles, and shutter fasteners. They can be made to look like wrought iron or more modern looking. Each piece adds to the look and feel of the home.

All custom made hardware is made individually. Each piece is made one at a time and usually hand finished. Each type of metal has to made at different temperatures and can take different amounts of time to make. This is what creates the price variations. The different metals and time needed for the processes as well as the amount of pieces of each style being made cause the prices to differ.

Custom made hardware is made by casting each piece individually. The fabricators will help you if you want to design your own or will show you the molds they already have and let you choose from them. They will help you choose the right metal for the style that you want and assist you with staying in your budget if you have one.

So when you are deciding on what kind and style of hardware you are wanting for your home remember that you always have the option of custom made as well as the manufactured ones to choose from. You could choose to design your own or use a design already in production. You can choose which metal you want, such as wrought iron, brass, or bronze. Modern looking or antique looking is another choice you will have. You will have many price ranges along with all the other choices you have. Just remember that the hardware metal and style will help to set the look and feel of where you live. So be sure that it says what you want your home to say to your family and friends when they enter it. - 31404

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The Truth About Collecting Area Rugs

By Zoey Callehan

Area rugs are now viewed as one of the most highly regarded collections. Area rug collectors are growing in number and with the increasing fan base these floor decors have because of their quality, beauty and adaptability as a decorative item, it will be no surprise if there will be more area rug collectors in the future. Collecting anything does require dedication. As a collector, you should exert effort to find the best deals and work hard to take care of your collection. You should be knowledgeable to differentiate what's valuable from not and what things to look out for. Collectors are like Sherlock Holmes - they investigate, snoop around and try to get to the bottom of the real deal.

Area rug collectors just like the others are equipped with the necessary tools to aid them in their collection activities. You can expect area rug collectors to have all kinds of books and magazines about rugs, notes to keep them on track, measuring tape, carrying bag for the purchased rug and a magnifying glass even to scrutinize possible flaws.

Key information collectors look out for are the designs, types, materials, origin, value, availability, market demand and manufacturers of the rugs.

It will help to be organized in your quest for collecting area rugs. If you have all the information on hand, the things needed ready and fixed, and other essentials around, you will be more likely to succeed in getting the best deals. Going to an auction or whatever activity there is for rug collectors all ready and prepared can give you more chances of obtaining with the area rug of your liking.

Collectors are also after their money's worth. It's not necessarily based on the quantity but on the quality, the total value. Few valuable items are better than a lot of rubbish ones.

As a collector, acquiring things that you like is just as important. Remember that you will be keeping and protecting these things, so having area rugs that you actually like counts. Even if you intend to sell the rugs in the future, you will feel more passionate about marketing your stuff if you truly believe in their worth. If you want them as household decors or as possible gifts for loved ones, then it will make it more special to have rugs that reflect your taste and preference. Its sharing things you love with people who you deem special in your life. - 31404

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Where to Buy Rare Collectibles?

By Jon Moreno

People look for rare collectibles for various reasons. One, because they find these collectibles of intrinsic value; two, because they believe that these are forms of investment; and three, because these bring a sense of satisfaction when they get possession of hard to find objects.

If you are among those who collect rare collectibles, then you know exactly that what some people think as junk may actually be a very expensive piece of history. Whether they are old coins, antique furniture, original artwork, paper collectibles, stamps, and old books and manuscripts, they do have intrinsic value and can be from anywhere in the world.

Actually, nowadays, it is so easy to find rare collectibles. They are anywhere in the world. And to begin your search, better check out these three important sources.

One of the first places that you can consider is the antique shop. They do specialize in antiques selling, so you are guaranteed that what you'll find there are rare finds. At times, their stock is sourced from estate sales and auctions so you can expect to find items that are sold at lower prices.

Flea markets or junk stores. This is just like a bazaar where in secondhand goods and inexpensive items are sold and sometimes traded. At first, you might think that you will not find anything of value in such place. But if you do take your time and if you have a keen eye, you might even find an original copy of the Declaration of Independence in a desk in such unexpected place.

Lastly, you can search online. Yes, there are lots of websites already selling these rare collectibles such as www.bid4rares.com. Just take your time browsing the site until you find one that catches your fancy.

So, these are just some of the places that you can check if you want to buy rare collectibles. Happy searching! - 31404

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Strategies for Antique Furniture Shopping

By Greg Holmes

No matter what taste you have in furnishings and decorating, there's no denying the timeless style and beauty of antiques. There's nothing like vintage pieces to add character and originality to any space without having to blow the bank. One trick in realizing affordability is knowing where to shop.

When you're designing your new room using antique furniture, you'll need to decide which parts of the room you want to accent. For example, a complete vintage bedroom set can be the main emphasis of a space, or a single bedside table, chair, or dresser can be used to complement more contemporary pieces. Do you want to get an antique desk for your office, while the other items, such as the file cabinet, chairs, or window treatments, remain modern? It will typically save money if there is a general idea of what kind of statement you would like your space to make before embarking on a search for antiques.

There are considerations to make in terms of whether you want genuine vintage pieces, or if you would accept pieces that, while they are inspired from a certain time period, are not truly antiques. You might be able to get inspiration from certain antique shops, which then you can take online and look at more specific pieces through online stores like Z Gallerie or Pier One. This could help you save money, and if you decide that you want to change the pieces in any way by adding paint or new drawer handles, you won't be reducing the value of a genuine antique.

Of course, there are plenty of places to shop online as well. Websites such as eBay are rife with antique shops that do most of their business online. When shopping online, you can find many different kinds of antique furniture and even learn a bit more about them prior to purchasing them. If you are interested in selling antique furniture as well, the site has information for how you open your own shop, or resell the products you buy at a live store in order to make a profit.

You can obtain information regarding traveling road shows on antique-mall.com, become a member, and use it as a resource. You'll be able to know exactly what you're buying through the detailed pictures of every item in the catalog. Once you catch "vintage fever" you may become interested in other valuable antiquities such as jewelry or car parts. Information regarding any classification of antique ware is available for purchase on www.antique-mall.com. - 31404

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